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Publications and Talks


  • Salt Warriors: Insurgency on the Rio Grande, Texas A&M University Press (2008)
  • Revenge! And Other True Tales of the Old West, ScarletMask Books (2004) (co-authored, with John Boessenecker, Robert K. DeArment, Allen G. Hatley, David Johnson, Chuck Parsons, and Nancy B. Samuelson; Foreward by Frederick W. Nolan) Out-of-Print

Articles (a sample) 

  • “With Murder Rates Higher Than Modern New York or Los Angeles” : Homicide Rates Involving the Arizona Cow-Boys, 1880-1882, Wild West History Association Journal (forthcoming, August 2014)
  • The Capture of New Mexico’s Rustler King (John Kinney) Wild West magazine, April, 2014
  • Buried Under Rumors: Fog, Facts, and the Kidnapping of June Robles — Winner, Barry M. Goldwater Award for the Best Paper presented at the Arizona History Conference, Yuma, 2011
  • “San Elizario Salt War,” (article online but under construction), 2009
  • “With Two Well-Placed Shots, Ludwick Put Outlaws on Notice,” Wild West magazine, February 2009
  • “My Men Are All Frontiersmen: El Paso’s Tejano Texas Rangers in the 1870s,” Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum online journal, Dispatch, Issue 26, Summer 2008
  • “When Newspaper Editors Go Bad: The Murder of Tom Mode,” NOLA Quarterly, 2007
  • “Billy Breakenridge: Buying Scalps from Sand Creek,” WOLA Journal 2006
  • “The El Paso Salt War: A Review of the Historical Literature,” Journal of Big Bend Studies, Vol. 17, 2005
  • “Bob Martin: Rustler in Paradise,” WOLA Journal 2003
  • “Escape of a Highwayman: The Riddle of Sherman McMaster,” at
  • “The Puzzling J.A. Tays,” Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum Dispatch, Issue 7, 2002

Book Reviews

  • A Lawless Breed: John Wesley Hardin, Texas Reconstruction, and Violence in the Wild West, by Chuck Parsons and Norman Wayne Brown, Journal of Arizona History (2014)
  • The “Unwashed Crowd”: Stockmen and Ranches at the San Simon and Sulphur Springs Valleys, Arizona Territory, 1878-1900, by Lynn R. Bailey, Wild West History Association Journal (2014)
  • The Reckoning: The Triumph of Order on the Texas Outlaw Frontier, by Peter R. Rose, WWHA Journal (2013)
  • The Blood of Heroes: The 13-Day Struggle for the Alamo–and the Sacrifice that Forged a Nation, by James Donovan, WWHA Journal (2012)
  • Charleston & Millville, A.T.: Hell on the San Pedro, by John D. Rose, WWHA Journal (2012)
  • Turmoil on the Rio Grande: The Territorial History of the Mesilla Valley, 1846-1865, by William S. Kiser, WWHA Journal (2012)
  • Fighting Stock: John S. “Rip” Ford of Texas, by Richard B. McCaslin, WWHA Journal (2012)
  • The Last Gunfight: The Real Story of the Shootout at the O.K. Corral–And How It Changed the American West, by Jeff Guinn, WWHA Journal (2011)
  • David Crockett in Congress: The Rise and Fall of the Poor Man’s Friend, by James R. Boyleston and Allen J. Weiner, WWHA Journal (2010)
  • Texas Devils by Michael L. Collins, WWHA Journal (2009)
  • Death of a Gunfighter, by Dan Rottenberg, WWHA Journal (2009)
  • The Civil War in Arizona: The Story of the California Volunteers, by Andrew E. Masich, WWHA Journal, 1:4, 2008
  • Desert Desperadoes, by Bob Alexander, NOLA Quarterly 2007

Talks and Panels:

  • Turning Lives into Legends Panel: Curly Bill – Arizona’s All-in-One Robin Hood, Black Knight, and Byronic Hero – 2014 Arizona History Convention
  • The Cow-Boys Versus the World: An Inquiry Into How Many Homicides Can Be Linked To The Arizona Cow-Boys – 2013 Tombstone Territory Rendezvous
  • New Mexico & the El Paso Salt War of 1877 – Plenary Address, 2013 Arizona/New Mexico Joint History Conference
  • The Capture of John Kinney – 2013 AZ-NM Joint History Conference
  • Territorial Justice Forum: Extradition of John Kinney, Jessie Evans, et al to El Paso for Salt War crimes – 2013 AZ-NM Joint History Conference
  • Curly Bill Brocius: Byronic Hero or Just Amiable Sociopath? – 2012 Tombstone Territorial Rendezvous
  • Cold Case Tucson: The Kidnapping of June Robles – 2011 Tucson Westerners
  • Buried Under Rumors: Fog, Facts, and the Kidnapping of June Robles — 2011 Arizona History Convention
  • The Nine Lives of John Kinney – 2010 Wild West History Association
  • Captain Thomas Blair: The Salt War’s Brass Buttoned Scoundrel – 2007 Big Bend Conference
  • The El Paso Salt War-2006 Big Bend Conference
  • The O.K. Corral on Film – 125th Anniversary, Tombstone Ariz.
  • Three Gunfights You Never Heard Of -Nat’l Outlaw Lawman Association
  • The U.S. Army and the Arizona Cow-boys-Tombstone Rendezvous
  • When Newspaper Editors Go Bad: The Murder of Tom Moad – Nat’l Outlaw Lawman Association