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Looking for family papers of former FBI Special Agents

While I have personnel files for most the of FBI Special Agents who are the leading characters in my book-in-progress on the FBI’s investigation into the 1934 kidnapping of 6-year-old June Robles, I would like to flesh out this material with family photos, letters, and other papers dealing with the following agents (referred to only by initials in many documents):

Harold Edward Andersen / H.E. Andersen

Orville C. Dewey / O.C. Dewey

Joseph Edward Patrick Dunn / J.E.P. Dunn

Carlton J. Endres / C.J. Endres

Chapmon Fletcher

JamesĀ Malcolm O’Leary / J.M. O’Leary

Enos Sandberg

Manuel Sorola

Lewis Charles Taylor / L.C. Taylor

Clarence D. White / C.D. White

The personnel files of Andersen and Dewey were severely gutted by the Bureau for unknown reasons, and so family papers would be especially helpful in their cases.