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Gang Warfare – Arizona Cow-Boy Style (1880)

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As Bob Martin discovered one dark night in New Mexico’s Peloncillo Mountains, the rustler’s lifestyle was no longer dangerous only for their innocent victims

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A reading list for the well-read FBI G-man, 1936 (or so)

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The early 20th century saw a rising tide of criticism against certain traditional methods used by police to catch killers and crooks, especially the too-easy reliance by unprofessional local law enforcers on unconstitutional and often barbaric third degree interrogations. In response, enlightened police administrators and policemen joined lawyers, scientists, and others in pushing for adoption of “scientific policing,” the contemporary term for what we now generically call CSI. FBI histories and biographies of J. Edgar Hoover uniformly credit the Bureau’s longtime Director with an early and sustained commitment to “scientific policing.” In 1924, he established a nationwide fingerprint clearinghouse (the Fingerprint Division) to assist state and local police catch criminals who ranged across jurisdictional lines. Eight years later, he authorized Charles A. Appel to set up the Bureau’s first criminal forensics laboratory. While scientific expertise and the responsibility for...

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19th Bombardment Group

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This page includes photos taken by or given to Captain Paul E. Cool, 19th BG, in 1942, in Java and Australia. There are no captions, so most other persons in the photos are unidentified. Contact Paul Cool if you have any knowledge of photograph subjects.   Contact Paul Cool, member of the 19th Bombardment Association, at Major Paul E. Cool, USAAF Pilot in the 28th Bombardment Squadron, 19th Bombardment Group during 1942, and CO of 30th Bombardment Squadron of the 19th BG at Rattlesnake air base, Pyote, Texas in 1943 Flyers below are unidentified except 2nd photo below (in pajamas) is SM Sgt. Jean Arthur Byers. Byers is also in 3d photo, below, on...

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Curly Bill

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I thank Chris Penn of England for providing me with the Graphic Illustrated article . The best published sources for information on Curly Bill Brocius are: Steve Gatto, Curly Bill (2003) and Casey Tefertiller, Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind the Legend (1997) I welcome comments. Contact me at “It’s Just a Flesh Wound”: The Gunfights of Tombstone’s Black Knight Tombstone diarist George Parsons once described him as “our most famous outlaw at present,” and with good reason. Curly (or Curley) Bill Brocius (if that was his true surname) earned a notorious reputation among his contemporaries for his riotous behavior north of the Arizona-Sonora line and his bloody cattle raids south of the border. But as the story of Tombstone and Cochise County was transformed into mythology by fiction, hagiographical biography, and Hollywood films orbiting around the central character of lawman...

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